Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday - O What A Happy Day

If you have experienced happiness then you would know that there are not enough words to express how and what you feel.
Happiness is like excitement and when you feel excited, you are the height of a joyous mood and your happiness is full

Sunday brings out such a feeling in most of us who are Christians.

Apart from the fact that it offers us an opportunity to go to the House of the Lord to dance and clap unto His Majesty along with other sons and daughters of the Kingdom but we also are at our best in relating with God the Father Who is the Author and Finisher of our faith.

I always look forward to Sunday to worship my God and also to serve His Community the best way I can.
Sunday is a reminder that indeed Christ did come into this world, he did live like us – human – he died on the cross to save us from ourselves and infact did rise again from the dead to give us a hope and an expected end.

He, the only One that was born without sin and lived without sin and died for the sinful but rose again from the dead to acquit and discharge us from all sins.

If any man continues to shout to your face that you are a sinner, just quietly tell him that we all (including the one shouting at you) are all sinners saved by GRACE.

It is the Grace of God that keeps us going and not our strengths or capabilities lest any man glory in the things that are not his.

Sunday helps us to remember that:
A Greater than Moses
A Wiser than Solomon
A Richer than Abraham
----------------------------------------trod the earth and defeated it and gave us POWER to be called the SONS OF GOD

Sunday is my happiest day -------------------- How about you???

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Hello my friend,

Lend me just two minutes of your time

I am certainly sure that since you are with me in this computer age – the jet age – you must belong to one or two or more social media sites.

Such social media sites include facebook, 2go, whatsapp, twitter, google plus, pinterest, badoo, instagram, flickr, tumblr e.t.c.

You would have noticed that these social media sites encourage you to put up a profile, upload your pictures; they encourage you to make friends online and interact with such friends; they encourage you to live your life online by letting us all know what you have been up to at any point in time; they encourage you to take pictures and share them on the sites; they encourage you to do most things on their sites.

What you may not be aware of is that these social media sites use the stats generated from your activities on their sites to make billions of dollars from advertisers – little wonder then that they are all billionaires  because they keep all that profit to themselves – and never bother to appreciate you who is the generator of the stats.

But the ball game is about to change and infact has changed.

From henceforth you WILL BE PAID for socializing.

A new SOCIAL MEDIA SITE has arrived to make you the KING even as Business Management Specialists know that the CUSTOMER is the KING.

This site will pay you for every stat that your activity on their site would generate – views, likes, comments, shares e.t.c.

I have spoken too much English here; but don’t just believe me, go and find out for yourself.

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