Monday, May 26, 2014


MONDAY                                                                                   26. 05. 14
Greetings of the new day to all my friends, hoping that you all woke up well. I and my family did wake up hale and hearty and I give all the glory to God, for He did not allow the whiles of the enemy to hold us back.

It’s Monday, the beginning of the working week.
I know most people have the Monday blues due to the hang over effects of the weekend, but YOU are not “people”. You are YOU, specially made for your own generation, “wonderfully and fearfully created” by the Almighty, don’t fall into the group of the “people” be (YO)UNIQUE.

Set your self apart, there is none like you and there would be any like you. I am sure that you know that no matter how identical, identical twins are, there are always certain distinguishing features that differentiate them.

So many times, we make comparisons of ourselves and our “mates” and sometimes we are sad that they are doing better than us, and other times we gloat that we have covered a longer mileage but my dear, all that comparison pales into insignificance at the end of the age because the end of all men is one – one day 6 feet below the ground.

Knowing these, let’s try and be ourselves, whatever has an advantage also has a disadvantage, every coin sure has two faces and the face I choose now shall definitely not be forever, it will change on a good day.

There are early starters who end up broke before they are due, and there are late starters who end up taking it big in the long haul.

Today, just tell yourself that comparing yourself with another, whose life journey you don’t know, whose karmic inclinations you may never be able to fathom is actually an insult on your person.

Be you my dear
You are (YO)UNIQUE

One love, people

Bless and be Blessed


Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Hello Dear

It's Tuesday
the second day in this week
I just want to wish you the best that the day would bring
and to urge you to be the best you can be today
remember that EXCELLENCE is a reward for PERSISTENT HARDWORK

Have a great day

Dr. Jerry - the First