Tuesday, April 29, 2014


TUESDAY                                                    29. 04. 14

My People,

Greetings of the new day

It is good to have you here again this day.
It is not easy going to bed and waking up
Our God is really great.

It’s Tuesday
A new day whose potentialities are unlimited but limited only by our thoughts and our outlook on life.

Have you been in a situation where everyone you met told you “this is the way to go and not that way”
What did you really consider about that piece of advise?
Did you think of who was giving the advise, did his or her life reflect the way s/he was pointing you to?
Was the advise in conflict with your inner leading or outer leaning?
Whose report would you really believe?

Well, whatever your responses would be to the above questions, I have lived long enough to know that in this life, the only Person to Whom you owe responsibility of living is YOUR CREATOR – GOD.

Some persons give pieces of advise to satisfy their inner cravings for assisting or helping out; some others give to show off, and yet some others give just to keep themselves busy.

When I was 18, I told myself that this life is mine to live and I am going to live it my own way, guided only by my Creator. Sure I had issues, I had quarrels, I had threats, insinuations and innuendos, but I made up my mind and happy now that I took that decision then.

I have had the taste of life – the good, the bad and the very ugly – but I live my life; nobody has lived his life through me and I surely am not any man’s alter ego or re-incarnation.

Do you feel me this morning? Are you really living your life or you are living in the shadows or under the wings of some persons? Do you feel claustrophobic and you want to be free? By all means do just that. This life is yours to live, LIVE IT THE BEST WAY YOU CAN. But remember, there is an account to be given when it is all over, believe it or not, it shall surely come to pass. So ALLOW GOD to lead you.

Your life is God’s gift to you and the way you live it is your own gift to God
Bring Him wholesome gifts

Have a wonderful day

Bless and be Blessed


Monday, April 28, 2014


MONDAY                                                    28. 04. 14

My Friends.

Good morning.

Thank God for His mercies that brought us back to the land of the living today, for by our own power we would never have made it, but His love for us which He showed right from the Garden of Eden has sustained us right up to the present time. May all honour, glory, dominion and adoration be His for now and for ever – Amen

It’s Monday, the 28th of April, this month is 2 days shy of ending.

What are your hands doing?
What thoughts are spewing out of your mind?
What plans are still on the drawing table?

Get to work
It is high time to put an end to that drought
Rain is here
Use it well

And while you do that, the Lord of harvest would sow good seeds in your life


Bless and be Blessed


Sunday, April 6, 2014

8 Ways To Fight Aging

Aging is a concern for lots of us. Sure, many people (namely celebrities), go under the knife, and undergo some type of cosmetic procedure; but, this is not the only solution out there. In fact, there are many things you can do, which do not require spending thousands of dollars, to avoid aging.
There are several simple things you can do, when searching for the best ways to fight aging. In fact, most of them are things you can start doing at a young age, which will help keep you looking young, help keep you feeling young, and help you avoid the common signs of aging, most people want to avoid. Regardless of how old you are, it is never too early to start with some of these techniques, when you are trying to avoid aging.

1. Wear sunscreen -
Believe it or not, the sun causes major damage to your skin; and, for most people, sunscreen is just a way to protect your skin from cancer. But, this is not the case. Too much exposure to the sun can cause wrinkles, sun spots, dryness, and uneven skin tones; if you are outside more than 10 to 15 minutes a day, sunscreen can help. Using something that is SPF 15 or stronger, is best for your skin. In addition to helping fight aging, sunscreen is also going to help with even tan lines, and avoid that tomato red skin shade.

2. Eat well -
Seems simple enough, right? But, for most of us, our days are hectic. When we can’t make lunch, we stop at the fast food restaurant. If we have a busy day at work, we might pick up dinner on the way home. These things are not only unhealthy, but a poor diet, and lack of balanced nutrition, will lead to early signs of aging. 

Five servings of fruits and veggies each day, getting in the required vitamin sources each day, and 8 glasses of water each day, will surely help keep your body looking younger, and will help you feel younger as well. You should try to limit fat consumption to 35% of daily calories, and try to get in at least 15% of calories from rich protein sources. Doing this will help fight aging, but will also help fight different illnesses and ailments which are common in individuals who have a poor diet, such as diabetes.

3. Sesame oil -
Massaging sesame oil in to the face, arms, and areas of the body where wrinkles are common, can help fight the signs of aging as well. The oils not only help get your blood pumping and flowing, but will also help with hydrating the skin. Many people are not aware of how dehydrated their skin is; this in turn results in a much older appearance. The oil also helps to naturally cleanse away dead skin cells, so this will help with the ashy appearance, and will help provide a balanced, all natural skin tone, which looks healthier, and is healthier.

4. Hydration -
Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is not only recommended to help your systems, and internal organs function, but is also a way to fight the signs of aging. Water is required for nearly every body function, this includes perspiration, which removes the harmful toxins from our system. Drinking sufficient amounts of water will also help provide that plump appearance, moisture, and soft supple skin that you strive for, without having to purchase the $200 cream at the health and beauty shop. When you are dehydrated, fine lines and wrinkles are more pronounced, and are far more visible; when your skin is hydrated, not only does the appearance of your skin look better, but it also helps to reduce these lines, wrinkles, and signs of aging, which are bound to take place as we age.

5. Exercise -
Although you might hate doing it every morning, exercise helps to release toxins from the body, helps to reduce stress levels, and helps to balance your mind; all of these things will result in a younger looking appearance, and will result in a healthier looking body. Regular aerobic exercises greatly reduces the signs of aging; studies also show that exercise helps balance bone density, stamina levels, and muscle development as we age. Individuals who exercise more often, appear younger, and those who exercise for a majority of their lives, will not only fight the signs of aging, but will also feel much better, healthier, and tend to lead longer, and happier lives as well.

6. Fish oil -
Not only does it help you get in your omega 3 fatty acids for the day, but these anti-inflammatory products are the best anti-aging products available to you on the market today. They help improve heart health, they help with hair growth, skin hydration, and other beneficial functions to the human body.

7. Increase antioxidant intake -
Dozens of studies have shown that the release of free radicals (which is one of the consequences of exercise), can be slowed down, when you increase antioxidant consumption. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals, and this in turn helps fight the signs of aging which are all too often associated with free radicals. Diet and supplementation should be taken, in order to help you get the sufficient intake of antioxidants on a daily basis. Including berries as a part of the diet, is also a simple (and tasty) way, to ensure you are getting sufficient antioxidant levels in your system on a regular basis.

8. Cut back on alcohol intake -
Alcohol dehydrates the skin and it also depletes the essential vitamin levels, and essential minerals which are found in your system. This does not mean you can’t drink, it simply means when you do drink, try to do so sparingly, and drink a couple of glasses of water for each alcoholic drink you take in. This will help limit the consumption of alcohol, and will also help avoid the nasty hangover that you tend to experience, after a long night out.