Friday, May 31, 2013


FRIDAY                                                         31. 05. 13

Greetings of the new day.

Thank God for His mercies that saw us through last night and brought us into this day

It’s Friday, the last day of the month of May 2013. it’s wonderful to see the end of another month.

I do hope that you met all your aspirations for this month, but just in case you did not, don’t worry, another month is on the way and you would have another opportunity to make a go at it.

Friday is here, THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY.
Use it well

Every day as I always do, remind yourself that it is good to be alive
So, go make the most of it.

Have a great day
And I’ll see you on the morrow

Bless and be Blessed

Remember that I love you as always!!!!!!!

Your Brother and Friend

Dr. Jerry - the First

Thursday, May 30, 2013


THURSDAY                                      30. 05. 13

Greetings of the new day to all my friends and well wishers
I am grateful to God that just as I prayed last night before hitting the bed, He did grant my request – to wake us up this morning in good health. May all honour, adoration, dominion, power and majesty be ascribed to Him for ever – Amen.

In a day’s time, this month shall enter the bin of history and shall be gone forever. Surely you would have made plans for the month – the projects to execute, the habits to drop, the ones to pick up, the money to be made, the books to be read, how much weight to lose, how much weight to gain, e.t.c. – how many of these plans and projects have you been able to execute and achieve?

Sometimes circumstances beyond our control make it difficult to achieve our goals and plans, sometimes the fear of success or of failure as the case may be keep us rooted on one spot but we need to always remember that TIME IS OF ESSENCE and that TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE.

If we have that at the back of our minds, we would be fired up with zeal to accomplish that which we have set out to do knowing that  “the best time to do a thing was 20 years ago, the next best time is TODAY and NOW”

Yes, the month of May is about to end, yet there is much that can still be done in this remaining 48 hours.

So, go find that which can be done, then DO IT!!!!!

Every day as I always do, remind yourself that it is good to be alive
So, go make the most of it.

Have a great day
And I’ll see you on the morrow

Bless and be Blessed

Remember that I love you as always!!!!!!!

Your Brother and Friend

Dr. Jerry - the First

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The curse of the dollar?

The curse of the dollar?
Robert J. Samuelson
Monday, May 27, 1:09 AM

For years, the dollar’s role as the major global currency has been termed an “exorbitant privilege” — a phrase coined by French Finance Minister and later President ValĂ©ry Giscard d’Estaing. Now it may be turning into an extravagant curse. The United States wants export-led growth. So do most other countries. Not all can succeed; one country’s export surplus must be others’ deficits. But the dollar’s global role puts the United States at a special disadvantage. It’s one cause of slow U.S. growth and high joblessness.

The dollar serves as the world’s money because it’s used for cross-border trade and investment transactions not involving the United States. Before the Great Depression, this role was played by gold and some currencies backed by gold (mainly the British pound, French franc and dollar). Countries abandoned the gold standard in the 1930s, and after World War II, other nations lacked the economic power and political stability for their currencies to assume a large international role. By default, the dollar became the global currency.

In his book “Exorbitant Privilege,” economist Barry Eichengreen of the University of California at Berkeley provides figures. Government central banks hold about 60 percent of their foreign exchange reserves in dollars. About half of international debt securities are contracted in dollars. Oil, wheat and many commodities are denominated in dollars. South Korea and Thailand invoice about 80 percent of their exports in dollars, though only 20 percent go to the United States. They’re not alone.

A global currency needs two qualities: trust and usefulness. People — government officials, money managers, business executives, consumers — have to believe the money will hold its value and that other people will routinely accept it. The greatest threat to the dollar’s international role occurred in the 1970s when high inflation, averaging 10 percent annually from 1977 to 1981, undermined America’s commitment to a stable currency. With inflation conquered in the 1980s, confidence returned. Dollars can be converted into most currencies. They can be easily invested in U.S. stocks, bonds and real estate, or they can be parked in relatively safe U.S. Treasury securities.

No other money offers so much. China’s renminbi (RMB) has one large use: buying Chinese goods. Otherwise, China regulates money flows in and out of RMB. Although the euro is more versatile, it has drawbacks. Europe’s stock and bond markets aren’t as deep as America’s. And the euro crisis has made European government bonds riskier than U.S. Treasuries.

The “exorbitant privilege” is that the United States can pay for imports with its own currency. By contrast, most countries have to earn dollars or euros by exporting. If exports lag, they have to suppress economic growth to curb imports. The United States is spared this indignity; it can create more dollars. In addition, foreigners’ investment of their dollars holds down U.S. interest rates.

But there was always a price. Foreigners didn’t spend all their dollars on imports. Their demand for dollars kept the dollar’s exchange rate up, making U.S. exports more expensive and imports here cheaper. Since 1980, the United States has run trade deficits in every year totaling about $9 trillion. All this produced grumbling from U.S. manufacturers and unions but was tolerated while most countries, including the United States, enjoyed relatively low unemployment.

No more. It’s not just joblessness. Many Americans believe that foreigners have manipulated their currencies to enshrine their export advantage. In a recent lecture, economist Fred Bergsten of the Peterson Institute, relying on the work of his colleague Joe Gagnon, argued that at least 20 countries have regularly intervened in foreign exchange markets by buying dollars and euros “to keep those currencies overly strong and their own currencies weak, mainly to boost their international competitiveness and trade surpluses.”

The resulting buildup of foreign exchange reserves is immense. At the end of 2012, according to Bergsten’s calculations, China had $3.4 trillion of reserves; Japan, $1.2 trillion; Singapore, $519 billion; and Russia, $476 billion. One result is lopsided and weak global growth. Countries dependent on exports (China) need stronger domestic demand; countries dependent on domestic demand (the United States, some euro-zone nations) need stronger exports.

Bergsten contends that the world trading system has already succumbed to “currency wars” as countries vie for competitive advantage. He proposes that the United States retaliate against “manipulators.” His suggestions, if adopted, would sow wider economic conflict. Some foreign governments view the Federal Reserve’s easy money policies as retaliation, designed to depress the dollar’s value, though the Fed denies this.

The global dollar poses other hazards. Eichengreen writes that either a political dispute between the United States and China or a “sudden shift in market sentiment” could trigger a panicky flight from the dollar. The odds of that are impossible to calculate. But this much is clear: Long a boon to the world economy, the dollar standard now looms as a potential source of instability.



After the commencement and decline of so many Republics, Nigeria finally has been on the full democratic track for 14 years now.

It is one thing that we have to rejoice for as a Nation especially on a day like this when the return to this current democratic governance is being commemorated.

Take a look back to May 29th 1999 and see Abdusallami Abubakar handing over the reigns of Power to Olusegun Obasanjo after he had taken the oath of Office and Oath of Allegiance, and you would be proud of the process that led to that occasion.

But it should not be forgotten that the struggle for the enthronement of democracy actually started with the annulment of the widely acclaimed free and fair elections of June 12 1993 which our then Military President - Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida did.

Today we remember all those who lost their lives in the protests that followed that annulment and we salute the courage of all those who stood for and behind the agitation for democracy.

14 years are long enough to actually taste the dividends of democracy but even if they tarry, just like someone had earlier said "the worst democratic governance is BETTER than the best benevolent military authocracy" Patience and long suffering would help!!!!!

Happy Democracy day to all Nigerians

One Love people

Your Brother and Friend

Dr. Jerry - the First


WEDNESDAY                                          29. 05. 13

Greetings of the new day.
All thanks to God for bringing us back to base, we can never thank Him enough

Another day is here, the middle of the week, a day to reflect on the actions and activities of the past 2 days

What’s your score sheet like?

Remember that the man who lies to himself is sitting on a time bomb and when the bomb explodes, every thing would be gone.

In your review today of what you have been able to achieve in the past two days of this week, BE SINCERE to yourself.

Don’t sell a dummy to yourself and don’t give a counterfeit coin to your mother-in-law, it is still rotating within the confines of your relatives.

Every day as I always do, remind yourself that it is good to be alive
So, go make the most of it.

Have a great day
And I’ll see you on the morrow

Bless and be Blessed

Remember that I love you as always!!!!!!!

Your Brother and Friend

Dr. Jerry - the First

Monday, May 27, 2013


MONDAY                                                                  27. 05. 13

Greetings of the new day.
Glory be to God for making it possible for us to see the brightness of this day. I have so many reasons to thank and praise God – chief amongst them being that He did not allow me to “transit” last night. Not all who went to bed last night woke up this morning, of those who woke up, not all are in good health but it pleased Him to wake me up in very good health and my family also, his praise shall continually be on my lips.

Today is Monday, the beginning of a brand new week, the last week in this 5th Month of the year 2013.

A new day offers a new hope
A new week offers a new beginning, a new opportunity to make it better and a new slate to write on.

Yesterday we had hoped that if we had a second chance, we would do better, Today offers a second chance.

Are there things you have been keeping in the pipeline being weak and unable to bring them to the fore – today offers that chance

Are there persons you have been wishing to reconcile with in the spirit of universal brotherhood – today offers that chance

Have you had any reason to ask that question – “where is God?” – today offers a chance to get the answer

Today ---- totally loaded
Don’t allow it to run away again without giving you all the answers to the questions you asked yesterday.

Don’t trade the opportunity to live today for a morsel of meat.

It is good to be alive, make the most of it.

Have a great day
And I’ll see you on the morrow

Bless and be Blessed

Remember that I love you as always!!!!!!!

Your Brother and Friend

Dr. Jerry - the First

Friday, May 24, 2013


FRIDAY                                                                     24. 05. 13

Greetings of the new day to all my friends
Trusting God that you woke up well. Praise be to His Holy Name

It’s Friday
The harbinger of the good news of ……… (you know what)
If you have a job in your hands, whether it is Friday or not, just do it to the best of your ability today.

It is good to be alive, make the most of it.

Have a great day
And I’ll see you on the morrow

Bless and be Blessed

Remember that I love you

Your Brother and Friend

Dr. Jerry - the First

Thursday, May 23, 2013


THURSDAY                                                              23. 05. 13

My dear friends,

I just want to use this opportunity to send you felicitations from my family and I and to thank God that in His infinite goodness He allowed all of us to see the brightness of another new day. May His Name be praised for ever – Amen.

It is important to me that you realise that as today is Thursday the 23rd day of May 2013, that there has been no day like it and until the Lord’s Day comes, there would never be another day like it.

So knowing this, what ought we to do as men and women? But to make the most out of it?

And how do you make the most out of this day?
By focusing on living today and not living in the yesterdays that have gone and no matter how much you regret what you did then you can never change the story!!!

So my dear friend, life is for the living and living is a dynamic activity that requires dynamic conservatism as I practice. Yes while you are alive, PLEASE LIVE.

A tomorrow would always come, but do the needful today, do the best you can today so that when tomorrow comes and you are there, you would have a smile on your face but if tomorrow comes and you are not there, it would be said of you “He passed through this way” because your feet prints would be on the sands of time and in the conscious memory of men.

Today, Go, Live

Have a great day
And I’ll see you on the morrow

Bless and be Blessed

Remember that I love you as always

Your Brother and Friend

Dr, Jerry - the First

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


WEDNESDAY                                                          22. 05. 13

Good morning to all my friends
All thanks, praises and adoration be unto God the Father of Light Who in His infinite mercies has brought us back to this planet earth and given us another opportunity to live it right. Nothing can compare to or with this mercy.

Having been so blessed, the onus lies on us to see to it that we shall continue to strive until our good is better and our better best.

It is important to realize that all it takes to achieve major successes, major breakthroughs, significant and landmark achievements, are already deposited in us and that we need to do is to extract these things and run with them.

A lot of us think that there is a special blessing or anointing for breakthroughs that must be conferred on us as if it were a chieftancy title but do not realize the truth in the saying that “ye are gods” as stated in the Holy Scripture and so if we are “gods” it invariably means that we have been appropriately equipped from the time of our birth to make a success of our lives, so if we fail to do this, we are to be blamed.

I would like you my dear friend to remember today that no one else can be You except YOU. And if you also remember that “you are wonderfully and fearfully created” then you would know why it’s only you that can move you.

So it doesn’t matter how many “anointing services” you attend, how many “adoration nights” you participate in, how much “fasting and praying” that you do, if you have no vision and no plan for your life, THAT CANNOT BE CONFERED on you.

The will to succeed is already imbued in you, IT COMES FROM WITHIN.

Find it, visualise it, fantasize it, run with it and I bet you, YOU WOULD ARRIVE where nobody would have expected you to be.

Life is such a wonderful task master, IT GIVES US EXACTLY HOW MUCH WE ASK FROM HER.

Live your life
God gave it to you for a purpose
Fulfil that purpose
And be celebrated

Have a great day
And I’ll see you on the morrow

Bless and be Blessed

Remember that I love you

Your Brother and Friend

Dr. Jerry - the First

Sunday, May 19, 2013


SUNDAY                                                                   19. 05. 13

Good morning to all my friends out there
Thanking God on your behalf that He woke us all up this morning to see the dawn of a new day, may all glory be given to Him – Amen

It’s the Lord’s day and we should do that which He had commanded that all men shall go up to His Temple and worship Him.

He deserves all our praises and thanksgiving because there is none like Him.

So today my dear friend, GO TO CHURCH
The church is not a place for the SELF RIGHTEOUS, it is a place for the SINNER WHO WANTS TO RECONCILE WITH GOD.

Go, gather the strength to face the challenges of the new week.

Have a pleasant Sunday

Your Brother and Friend

Dr. Jerry - the First

Thursday, May 16, 2013


THURSDAY                         16. 05. 13

Greetings of the new day to all my friends
I shall continue to thank God on our behalf that He brought us back today to the land of the living. When I opened my eyes this morning and beheld the rising sun, I couldn’t help but say thank You Lord. Hope you did same

Thursday is here, the working week is about coming to an end.

What’s your plan for today after taking stock yesterday?

Whatever it is, just do it.

Activity suggests life, success is not achieved by making plans but by executing such plans.

Go to work

Bless and be Blessed

Your Brother and Friend

Dr. Jerry - the First

Monday, May 13, 2013

MONDAY - 13. 05. 13

MONDAY                                                                  13. 05. 13

Greetings of the new day to all my friends, hoping that you all woke up well. I and my family did wake up hale and hearty and I give all the glory to God, for He did not allow the whiles of the enemy to hold us back.

It’s Monday, the beginning of the working week.
I know most people have the Monday blues due to the hang over effects of the weekend, but YOU are not “people”. You are YOU, specially made for your own generation, “wonderfully and fearfully created” by the Almighty, don’t fall into the group of the “people” be (YO)UNIQUE.

Set your self apart, there is none like you and there would be any like you. I am sure that you know that no matter how identical, identical twins are, there are always certain distinguishing features that differentiate them.

So many times, we make comparisons of ourselves and our “mates” and sometimes we are sad that they are doing better than us, and other times we gloat that we have covered a longer mileage but my dear, all that comparison pales into insignificance at the end of the age because the end of all men is one – one day 6 feet below the ground.

Knowing these, let’s try and be ourselves, whatever has an advantage also has a disadvantage, every coin sure has two faces and the face I choose now shall definitely not be forever, it will change on a good day.

There are early starters who end up broke before they are due, and there are late starters who end up taking it big in the long haul.

Today, just tell yourself that comparing yourself with another, whose life journey you don’t know, whose karmic inclinations you may never be able to fathom is actually an insult on your person.

Be you my dear
You are (YO)UNIQUE

One love, people

Bless and be Blessed

Your Brother and Friend

Dr. Jerry - the First

Saturday, May 11, 2013


SATURDAY                                                                 11. 05. 13

Good morning my friends
And many thanks to God for His mercies over us last night and how He alone made it possible for us to still be here – in the land of the living – by now.

It’s Saturday
Weekend things

Enjoy responsibly

Have a blessed day

Your Brother and Friend

Dr. Jerry - the First

Friday, May 10, 2013


FRIDAY                                                                            10. 05. 13

Greetings of the new day
God’s praise shall continually be in my mouth because He has given me victory over the forces of evil that dwell within.

It’s Friday too
Thank God it’s Friday
The harbinger of the good news of the weekend
So you’ve got a job to do today?
How lucky you are
Do it with all your might
About 59 million Nigerians are out there without a job
Protect your job, work at it

And when the day is over
Remember that it is Him that has led you through the day and not by your own power or might cause those you don’t have unless He gives you.

Bless and be Blessed

Your Brother and Friend

Dr. Jerry - the First

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Good Morning

Have you had your hot cup of soyaplus this morning
It is refreshing and energizing
Moreover it gives you a cover over diseases and afflictions

If you have not stocked soyaplus in your house
do that today
don't wait another day

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WEDNESDAY - 08. 05. 13

WEDNESDAY                                                          08. 05. 13

Greetings of the new day.

It is good to be alive and to have an opportunity once again to make a difference in the world we are living in. I give God all the glory for the great things He hath done for me especially in bringing me back from the “land of the dead” which is what sleep actually represents.

It’s Wednesday and the middle of the week, it’s a day to take a mid-week stock of what we have done for the week.

Did you set any goals for this week?
What percentage of it have you achieved or covered by now?
Take a good look at those goals again and see how you can bring them to fruition between today and Friday.

When you have a goal, you know where you are headed to and do you know what. “the world is very willing to give way for the man who knows where he is headed to, to pass.”

So, don’t just sit and wish that Heaven becomes earth, you can actually work it out.

Have a good day today
Remember when it is over to thank and appreciate God for having led you by the hand.

Bless and be Blessed

Your Brother and Friend

Dr. Jerry - the First

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


TUESDAY                                         07. 05. 13

Good morning all

Thank God that we all woke up hale and hearty, may all glory, honour, dominion and adoration be unto His Holy Name – Amen.

It is good to be here again as a new and fresh opportunity has been offered to live that life we would have lived yesterday.

YESTERDAY!!!! That word, how most of us love to hug and embrace it, even sometimes make it a permanent room mate. Most of the failures of life arise from an escape into the embrace of yesterday and taking solace in the “comfort” it presents. It is the bitter experience of yesterday that has made many a man to remain rooted where he is rather than moving forward.

A man’s business fails due to circumstances beyond his control and he decides that he would have nothing to do with business again in his life time to the extent that even when “risk – free” opportunities come his way, he is not disposed to take advantage of them, all because he had that bitter experience of a failed business yesterday.

A man’s heart gets broken in the cause of loving someone and he decides “never to love again” forgetting that love is a bitter-sweet experience.

A man’s “intimate” friend stabs him in the back and he decides never to get close to anyone again forgetting that “friendship is for good and for bad” and that even our Man – Superior was betrayed by His most trusted ally infact His Treasurer!!!

A door is closed on us and instead of remembering the maxim that says that “when one door is closed, another is opened” we mope so long at the closed door that we have no time to look around us to see the opened window.

YESTERDAY!!!! Oh yesterday. So many great talents are lying there in the grave yard who were unable to express their talents because of yesterday.

My dear friend, are you still hanging unto yesterday? Are you still refreshing the hurts, the inconveniences, the lacks of yesterday and are they limiting your availability for today?

For you to make a good go at life and living, YOU JUST HAVE TO COME OUT OF THAT COCOON OF YESTERDAY.

Sure you can remember the things that happened to you yesterday, but man, you don’t have to live there. History is written from the ashes of yesterday and a good to read history would always tell of the lacks of yesterday and how they were overcame – that is the history that is worth reading

Today is here, make the most of it

And as you do that, He would look down with compassion from His Heavenly Throne and really show mercy

May you have a really wonderful day because I am really going to have one

Bless and be Blessed

Your Brother and Friend

Dr. Jerry - the First

Sunday, May 5, 2013


SUNDAY                                                                               05. 05. 13

Greetings of the new day.

I praise the Name of the Lord for making it possible for us to see the brightness of this day and ask that He leads us by Hand as we plough the day.

It’s Sunday people, remember to go to Church.

Otutu okwu adighi n’uka mgbede

Ka Chineke gozie anyi nile


Bless and be Blessed

Your Brother and Friend

Dr. Jerry - the First

Saturday, May 4, 2013



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The RCI Team

Happy Weekend

SATURDAY                            04. 05. 13

Greetings of the new day people
Thank God for His mercies

It’s Saturday
It’s the weekend

Just enjoy it
But remember that life has no duplicate

Live it well

Bless and be Blessed

Your Brother and Friend

Dr. Jerry - the First

Friday, May 3, 2013


Hello Dear,

Have you had your refreshing and rejuvenating steaming hot cup of soyaplus with original honey today?

It's a health insurance

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Have a great day

From all of us at Reality Club International


FRIDAY                                                        03. 05. 13

Good morning people

And I just want to thank God for the opportunity of waking up hale and hearty.
I am hoping that you all also did. All praises be to God on High.

It’s Friday
And the weekend would soon arrive
Make the best of today
Be the best you can be

God crown your efforts today with success so that you would have every cause to glorify His Holy Name

Have a great day

Thank God it's Friday
Bless and be Blessed

Your Brother and Friend

Dr. Jerry - the First

Wednesday, May 1, 2013



May 1 all over the world is set aside to celebrate the workers. It is called WORKERS DAY.

Many a time, people think that it is only Civil Servants who are in the employ of Governments (Federal, States and Local Governments) that are regarded as workers, but I want to tell you that all of us – who are contributing in one way or the other towards enhancing the GDP of this Country- are workers.

The farmer in that remote village who tills the ground with his hoe and cutlass, the cab driver who takes you from east to west and leaves you in the middle of nowhere, the fisherman who is remembered only once a year during the fishing festival, the tricycle rider, the motorcycle rider, the banker who has lost his sleep because he has to meet up with his quota, the Doctor who works with bare hands in that remote village and whose compensation is in the tubers of cassava that he receives, the nurse who carries out her nursing procedure come rain come sunshine, the armed forces personnel who obeys the last order, the civil defence personnel who may have an overbearing “oga at the top”, the baker, the gardener, the carpenter, the bricklayer, the mason, the builder, the architect, the woman, the mother, the wife, the husband, the father, the man, even the arm chair critics  and those who see nothing good about anything – they are all workers because they are wittingly or unwittingly contributing to why Nigeria is existing.

I therefore salute all YOU WORKERS OF NIGERIA on this auspicious occasion of the celebration of the 2013 Workers Day.

Remember that no mater how much they pay you, it would never be enough.
Remember also to prepare for retirement while you still have the energy and strength to do so for when the golden years arrive, it would be a little too late

Happy Workers Day

Amb. Sir, Dr. Jerry – the First Oguzie: JP



Dear Friends

Like I had announced a week ago and followed up with reminders, today May 1 is the commencement of celebrating you – my online and real time friends here on facebook. I have styled it my Friendship Awareness Month.

I am quite aware that the World celebrates what it calls Friendship Day or Week, but I know that it is not enough to actually reach out and touch all our friends directly; that has informed my choice of the month of May.

Without friends in one’s life, one is really missing a lot, but such friends must be real and genuine friends who go beyond the call of duty to be by the side of their friend through thick and thin; not the fake, fair weather friends who are around only when the going is good but soon as the bad times hit, they scamper.

It is by programmes such as this that good friendships are formed.

Friendship is a choice just like living is; so if you don’t like someone, you can’t be forced to be his or her friend no matter what s/he is using to blackmail you into being one.

The major reason why I am doing this and which would last this whole month of May is that about 7/8th of my facebook friends do not know me in person and I also do not know them in person and we don’t chat here or discuss issues as expected because they are hardly online at the time I am and so no form of communication.

There are so many of my facebook friends who have not said hello again since they added me after the usual “thanks for the add”.

I feel that facebook friendship should actually help us to connect, contact, expand the borders, conquer frontiers, and enlarge the coasts and if you have been my friend for 6 months now and we have not said hello to each other online, then we need to re-examine the terms of engagement.

So in this month, I am going to reach out and touch ALL my facebook friends directly by group visits and indirectly by sms, phone calls, skype calls, fb inbox messages and group meetings.

I do hope I shall achieve that.

And like I said earlier, please keep your dogs chained so that they do not suffer injuries.

It is nice to have you as a friend

God bless

Dr. Jerry - the First



WEDNESDAY                                                        1ST


Welcome to the month of May

It is the 1st of May 2013, the beginning of a brand new month, the fifth month in this dispensation. It is another God given opportunity for us to make a go at life and living; to erase the bad memories of the past month and concentrate on moving forward.

Interesting things would happen in this month but the most interesting is that you shall witness it all and be alive to tell the tale.

In this month, God shall re-write your history, and you shall have every reason to rejoice.

In the place of stones in the mouth, He would give you meat
In the place of rock, He would give you bread
In the place of bitterness, He would give you honey
In the place of barrenness, He would give you children
In the place of mourning, He would give you joy
In the place of lack, He would supply all your NEEDS
In the place of joblessness, He would lift your head up

When your detractors confound you, He would raise a Banner of protection
When they come against you in seven ways, He shall scatter them in a hundred ways

He would provide the Strong Tower into which you shall run in and Almightily protected
He shall not you be put to shame
He would uphold you by the Power of His Mighty Right Hand
And any tongue that shall rise up in judgement against you, He shall deal with

He is God, He is your Father, He loves you so much, He would bear you in His Palms and nobody can prize you away from Him.

That is my prayer for you this 1st day of this new month of May 2013, by 31st of May, we shall take stock.

It is also my prayer for myself

Happy new month

Do have a great month

Bless and be Blessed

Your Brother and Friend

Dr. Jerry - the First