Monday, May 21, 2012

2 weeks ago, Lagosians woke up and had the rudest shock of their lives, Their Governor, the Garrison Commander BRF had "sacked" about 788 Medical Doctors in the employ of Lagos State Government. His reason was that it was unethical for the Doctors to go on strike to demand that he executes an agreement he willingly entered into with them in 2011 - 13 months after. The following would help you to understand better the critical condition this purported sack is going to place the health sector not only in lagos State but the whole of Nigeria "About 60,000 Nigerians are registered doctors, 15,000 are dead or no longer practising for one reason or the other. Of the remaining 45,000, a third to half of this are abroad leaving just over 20,000 in the country. This over 20,000 includes doctors in the ministries who by the real sense are not seriously involved in clinical duties. Barack Obama pushed for health reforms in the USA recently. USA has approximately one million doctors and 30,000 of these are of Nigerian origin (either through emigration or by nationality i.e. born there). Now Obama wants to increase this figure and he is aiming to get 30,000 more doctors from Africa. As you all know, one in every five African is a Nigerian, so in effect of the possible 30,000 doctors he hopes to recruit from Africa at least 6,000 will be Nigerians thereby depleting the number of doctors available to Nigerians. Cuba an island of 12 million people has 70,000 doctors i.e. ratio of 1 doctor to 170 Cubans. Can someone help pass this to Fashola please? So that he can appreciate the damage he is about to cause to the health sector. kunle adesokan" All those who love BRF should advise him to stop this theatrical and macabre dance in the open field and rein in his chariots so that there would be peace. "He who sows the wind, must of a necessity raep the whirlwind." Courtesy to Dr. Adesokan on the data supplied in this write up. JTF

Sunday, May 20, 2012

WELCOME It is a Sunday and the 20th day of May 2012 and I am once again here. The last time was November of 2011. How time flies However, from henceforth, this blog shall witness a flurry of activities and posts as we intend to re-invigorate it for use by all. Tomorrow is pregnant and no one knows what it will deliver. The words of our elders are the words of wisdom Yoy are welcome once again Sir, Dr. Jerry - the First, Oguzie alias JTF Abuja - Nigeria