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• is a Multi Level Marketing (Network) business
• founded in Italy in 1994
• exists in over 150 countries spread to all 5 Continents
• there is no initial large layout of money or monthly purchase
• You could earn as much as N15, 000, 000.00 (fifteen million naira) from commissions.

The objective of Power Club is to distribute the SUPREMA CARD. This membership card will grant its owner discounts ranging from 5 to 60% in thousands of selected affiliated businesses worldwide – hotels, restaurants, shops, e.t.c.


a. Collect a form from the person who introduced you to the business
b. Pay N25, 000.00 (twenty five thousand naira) only (in cash) to him/her
c. Submit your details (Name, Bank, Bank Address, A/C Number, Your Postal Address, e-mail address, phone number/s) to him/her
d. The form will be processed and your own 3 forms will be given to you through the person who introduced you to the business
e. Then you find 3 persons on your own and replicate a – c above.

Power Club has been designed in such a way that one only NEEDS TO FIND 3 PERSONS to carry on the downline succession.


With Power Club, it is very easy to succeed. By introducing just 3 new person into the network, you receive N7, 200.00 (seven thousand and two hundred naira) from each one of them and thus you recover your initial investment less N3, 400.00 which is the actual amount you invest in the business.

Your Commission is paid directly into your Bank Account. There’s no middle man.

The opportunity of making money appeals to all persons, and thanks to Power Club, a lot of persons have paid off their mortgage, bought new cars, gone on that long expected vacation, or improved their life style.



What are your dreams and desires?

Let this be the opportunity for you to fulfill one or all of them.


Your action today could increase your wealth tomorrow


Suite 6, Ground Floor
Garachi Plaza
11 Maputo Street
(opp Post Office)
Zone 3 Wuse

0809 811 5050, 0808 659 5477, 0702 875 9870, 0704 076 7776

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I saw them tearing a building down –
A crew of folks in my home town.
With a heave and a ho and a yes, yes yell
They swung a beam and a side wall fell.

I said to the foreman, ‘Are these people as skilled as the ones you’d use if you had to build?”
He laughed and said, “Aw, naw, indeed, common labour is all I need, for I can destroy in a day or two what it took a builder ten years to do.”

And I said to myself as I went on my way again
“which of these roles am I willing to play?
Am I the one who’s tearing down
As I carelessly make my way around?
Or am I one who is building with care
So my job, community, state and country
Will be a little bit better just because I was there?

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Make Your New Year's Resolutions Work In 2009

We are at the end of yet another year, which has been particularly challenging for many of us. As usual we have learned many ways of how not to do things and naturally intend to do better next year. As we know, when we do the things we have always done we will get what we always got. Simple, isn't it?

So, let's start the New Year by doing things differently.

Learn about universal laws
Get in touch with the authentic you
Clear your stuff and learn to live in the now
Create a healthy working and living environment
Learn about the 80/20 rule
Overcome learned helplessness
Build self esteem
Learn to solve problems creatively

All the above adds up to taking control of your life, being happier and more successful.Oh, oh, you have heard it all before. I know..., so why should this one be different?

Here is the answer in a nutshell: when setting New Year solutions most of us put the cart in front of the horse.

This looks a little bit like this: You intend to lose weight, work less, become healthier, do more exercises, have a better relationship, better career, spend more time with your family and so on.

As you can see the first table for doing things differently is more general and contains nothing as specific as the one above. For good reason. When you decide to improve your career by looking for a new job, improving your marriage listening more to your spouse, or work on losing weight, you are addressing the symptoms and not the root course of your relationship issues, career problems, health concerns ,or whatever it may be.

I repeat: the problems, delays and other frustrations, irritations, fears etc you are experiencing in your life are the result and not the cause of your issues. Because the issues you face derive from a misconception of your reality, a lack of understanding of how universal laws function, and unresolved early life trauma which is to a large extend the consequence of your unwitting ignorance.

The results you are getting are produced by your conditioning from well meaning parents and other authority figures. Your conditioning has helped shape your views of the world and enabled you to basically function as a human being.

Alas, the nature of existence is constant evolution and movement and this means the you and I are evolving in every moment of our existence. It also means that things have a habit of not working any more after a while, because we are beginning to outgrow them as part of the ever ongoing evolutionary process of life and the universe.

However, since we are trained to fear the unknown of change and have learned to evaluate our lives in terms of what feels safe and familiar to us, we are not only missing out on many opportunities to move on beyond our comfort zones and grow, we are also going against the fundamental universal laws of our existence.

Of course, all of this happens in all innocence, and there is no right or wrong here, nor any blame. Everyone will always do their best at their present level of development.

When we have issues in our life and in society in general this is simply a final wake up call that says "Come on wake up, and move forward, deal with your stuff in new and better ways"

In order to move forward we need to first of all expand our mental horizons, or in other words, increase our cognitive awareness. The more you can see of yourself and understand yourself the easier it will be for you to notice patterns that may impede your progress. These patterns are thought patterns and behaviour patterns.

Vigilance is a keyword here. Instead of chasing the end results outside of you, go inside and start hunting down those little and bigger habits you have, many of them probably for a life time, which keep you stuck and stop you from moving forward. Learn to become mentally nimble. There are many techniques to help you develop mental flexibility and openness.

The suggestions at the beginning of this article are prompts that will help you where to look for personal improvement and self empowerment. When you start working through these points, you will also automatically address more specific issues and concerns in your life, without getting hung up on minutia. If you see only the smaller part of the picture you may not grasp the patterns that are holding you in your comfort zone.

Build your foundations on solid ground. Just laying one brick won't do the trick, the house will not get built, meaning change, profound live change cannot take place. You will be forever figuring out how to build the entire house on that one brick.

On the other hand, if your foundation is solid improvements will follow. What is more, if everyone works on their bit the effect compounds and spreads into the world in general, raising the collective consciousness.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


DR OGUZIE JERRY - the First: wbi, JP, MNIM, MEDA, N.C.E. (Ow), M.B.B.Ch. (Cal), PGDM (Ife), MDS, MODKE, CODKE, FODKE, MOAP

Nigerian Medical Association, Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

OFFICE: Postal Add. Mobile Phones
Suite 6, Ground Floor POB 4918 0803-314-4598
Garachi Plaza Garki 0805-517-7895
Zone 3 Wuse Abuja e-mail:
09 780 5614

5th January 2009



2008 had passed – just within a twinkle of an eye. Only the other day we were shaking and hugging each other with smiles and laughter and wishing each other “happy new year” as 2008 rolled in but that one day begat another day and before one could say Jack Robinson, 366 days had gone, the year went down in history and another year is up.

2008 was surely a tumultuous year for us as individuals and collectively too. In 2008, I was elected the Chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association, FCT Abuja and in it too I lost my father to the cold hands of death. I am sure you may have experienced one joyful moment or the other, however for as long as there is life, so long shall God continue to provide for us.

I sincerely want to thank you for all the things you did for me in the year that just passed. For the active support you gave me while issues lasted.

2009 has rolled in. It is a year that is bringing with it great hopes. Hopes of changes in our systems, hopes of better lives, hopes of new friendships, hopes of financial increase bordering on abundance!!!! Whatever it shall be for you, make it your best year yet.

And you can do it, you have got the capacity to change your thoughts from which all blessings flow.

Make it a year to be remembered, .the year to break down every barrier and mountain that has limited your growth, the year to drop all the old habits that have not yielded much fruits, the year to make a whole lot of changes in our outlook and perception, the year to consolidate on the gains of the past and build a whole new future. Remember that security of whatever it is we are concerned about lies not in the hands of men but in the hands of He that created the earth.

Whatever the year would bring, be rest assured that My God whom I serve and worship shall come to your rescue for sure, should you run into any murky or troubled waters. He shall surely protect you and will bless you beyond your imaginations.

Only ensure that you be yourself, even though exercising caution in doing things but not being too cautious to even live.

The pleasure is really mine in wishing you a Happy New Year.

May you live all the days of this year and may you want each day as it comes

May you have a great year indeed.

WELCOME TO 2009. Pls check out

Bless you.