Tuesday, September 30, 2008


It is Tuesday, the 30th of September 2008. It is the end of the 9th month of the year and by tomorrow, we shall be entering the first day of the tenth month of the year.

Quite a number of Medical Doctors practicing in Abuja and the Federal Capital Territory, came out on the 8th of August 2008 and voted to elect me as the Chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association, FCT Abuja Branch, in an election that had the trappings of a good finishing. Since then, I have been too busy trying to put up the structures to ensure that we succeed as an Exco that I have forgotten to come here and write about it and also to appreciate all those who went out of their way to make it happen.

This is therefore a write up to say a big Thank you to all those who made it possible for me to be elected the Chairman of FCT NMA.

It may be belated, but I think it is better late than none at all.

Thank you my Brothers and Sisters.

And I beg of you, not to abandon the Association to us but to always be there for meetings and other activities, to encourage us to serve you better.

Find time to always surf the net to make your own contributions towards re-positioning of our dear Association for greater heights.

God bless you real good.

Dr. Oguzie Jerry - the First: JP, wbi, MNIM, MEDA, MOAP, FODKE